Breast Injections for Enlargement

One of the treatments that many women explore when looking at enlarging their breasts are breast injections.   This is a non-surgical procedure that uses an injection, rather than surgery to enhance the breasts. It is never going to constitute a replacement for breast augmentation surgery though, both because the results are only semi-permanent (they reduce over time), and also because the gains in size are less dramatic.

Breast injections for enlargement can potentially serve as something to try, but the reality is that it is not the first thing you should try, especially when there are only a very narrow band of women who even fit the profile of women for whom it could be a fit.

Breast injections are really only designed to see women grow by one-cup size, and often the same type of results can be achieved by doing certain breast exercises.

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And these have the advantage that they won’t cost you the several thousand dollars that such a treatment will set you back.

Breast injections also still have to be performed under anaesthetic, and you are still injecting a foreign substance into your body, which should always give you pause for thought.  Clearly the current science believes that this is safe, or governments wouldn’t allow it. But the fact remains that sometimes your own common sense is a better judge of what is a good idea, and do you really want to inject an acid gel into your breasts?

A better way to start to try to enlarge your breasts is through natural methods. Not only will these have permanent effects (assuming you maintain the exercises), but will also have the effect of toning up your whole body, and helping to complete the whole package. In that way you won’t end up looking like some women who have breast augmentation operations, who end up with nice, perky breasts, whilst the rest of them is quite flabby and unattractive.

It also won’t cost you thousands of dollars, or involve pumping some foreign gel into your breasts.

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